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Gaël de Kerguenec is a French painter. In China from 2005 to 2018 and in India since then, he learned Chinese ink and watercolor technics with Chinese Masters. He shares his painting times between France, China and India catching inspirations between West and East. Always free of all influences, he develops his own technics, his own esthetics and his own abstract themes linked to his own interpretation and point of view about philosophy.

ARTitude artist - Gaël de Kerguenec

Gael’s background is quite unusual, tight with a strong feeling of freedom. He started as a Linguistics Teacher at Paris Sorbonne University. Afterwards, he developed the Cultural Relationship between France and Asia as Director of Alliance Française in Dalian (NE China) and in West of India in Ahmedabad but also as the President of Artist Association Acadart working with Artists both Asian and French. His painting goes through 4 philosophical styles: Purity, Complexity, Colors, Smog respectively linked to the Taoïsm, Confucianism, Buddhism and Materialism. He also developed an original “Calligraphism” which mix inspirations of different sources of calligraphy adapted to his own poems.

Imagine what you would see in yourself if you could travel through your body and look at yourself. What would you say to yourself…?

So when you reinterpret yourself to doubt the so-called real and inherent works, you can let your imagination extend to some new things… In the past few years, I have consistently experimented with handmade rice paper and various materials to combine the humanistic spirit and nature that I can recognize, to explore imaginary schemas beyond visual experience and dusty things that transcend nature. Perhaps these experimental works of mine are faced with works of art that we have never seen or thought of, and must be observed, thought and interpreted through their own fundamental nature…

With exhibitions all across Asia and Europe, Gael compare his painting to a linguistical approach of art like a language to communicate with different people. Technically, Gaël de Kerguenec has explored ink and watercolor dilution and brush manipulation with very unique technics which makes some painting impossible to reproduce by hand. For example, some paintings have been painted with natural wind and rain outdoor during storms, some needs mixture of water and different elements, with unique proportion every time. Philosophically, his walks through an evolution that reflect the evolution of nature and humanity: “Purity” for the individual balance between Yin and Yang, black ink and transparent water “Complexity Styles” for inter-human relationships is a mix of many Yin Yang interacting “Colors” for supernatural beliefs, religion and unexplained facts “Smog” for materialism and consumption society, with a deep fog occulting shapes and colors His paintings are signed by his given name “Gaël” or Chinese given name “KeKaiLe” associated with the Chinese seal “LE“ (happiness) which is the last character of Gael de Kerguenec’s Chinese name and the wax seal representing the heraldic armorial of his aristocratic family representing a pigeon associated with two moon crescents symbolizing travelling and crusades which involved his ancestor one thousand years ago.

  • April-May: Weifang Guangfeng Museum
  • December: Exhibition and onstage painting show at Dalian High School of Fine Arts

June: Exhibition at Dalian Art Museum

  • Creation of Acadart Association of French and Chinese artists
  • September: Exhibition at Weifang Museum of Modern Art (Shandong Province)
  • October: Exhibition and onstage painting show at Sichuan International Studies University

June: Exhibition Acadart at Dalian Municipal Library “Acadart: Freedom Art Creation”

  •  March: Personal Exhibition at Chengdu Polus International College
  • May: Charity Auction sales in partnership with Huiling (Chongqing)
  • June: Member of Chongqing Art Society (first foreign member)
  • September: Personal exhibition in « Rise the autumn », auction and events in September and October in partnership with Brise Gallery
  • November: Contemporary Art Fair Swiss MAG Montreux (Switzerland)
  • December: Chongqing Tiandi, personal exhibition (U Points

Charity Art class for Blind Children: Creation and teaching by Gael’s own method

  • March: Polus International, Chengdu Longquan International Blossom Festival: Exhibition with Swiss and Chinese artists
  • March: Luodai International Blossom Festival: Exhibition with Swiss and Chinese artists
  • • April: Contract avec U Artist Agent Chine « Small size ».
  • July: Contract with VA Gallery Agent and Gallery Hong Kong and China « Large size »
  • August: Opening of U Artist Gallery, Shanghai Raffles City
  • October: VA Gallery exhibition, Chongqing Beibei
  • February: Acadart Paris, Pompidou Piazza, Solo exhibition
  • May: Shanghaï Residence and Exhibition « The Taste of Art » at Waldorf on the Bund in Association with Chef Philippe Egalon creating an original menu linked to the paintings, and solo exhibition
  • May: Residence and International Exhibition at Zhuli Sichuan
  • August VA Gallery at World Trade Center, Chongqing, China, solo exhibition
  • August U Gallery Shanghai, workshop and solo exhibition

Permanent Exhibition in Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad


Octobre: Acadart Paris, Pompidou Piazza, Solo exhibition

Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad Magazine Decouvrir Sept-Oct 2022 AILF Dec 2021
  • Television: CCTV-13 2016-04, Chinanews TV, Chongqing TV, Dalian TV, Liaoning TV, Weifang TV, Shandong TV, SISU TV, Polus TV
  • Paper Magazine: Chongqing Fine Arts Magazine
  • Online Magazine:, Artexpress Yachang, Sohu, Tencent, Tudou, Runsky, Huanqiuwang, IFeng,…
  • France: La Croix 2010-01, Switzerland: SwissMag 2017-10, Indonesia: Now Art 2016-11, India: Strands
  • Publishers 2016-11
  • Confucius Institut international magazine 2017-06
Publications :
  • Gaël de Kerguenec,Je peins des idées (I paint Ideas), Acadart Ed.
  • Freedom Art Creation, collection of international artists works, Acadart Ed.
  • G Bocholier, J-P Lemaire, C Tuduri, Frissons du jour, collection of poems illustrated by Gaël de Kerguenec), You-Feng Ed.

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